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Thanks to our  sponsors  for giving more then just high quality products but outstanding relationships between them and the fishing community.

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Owner and founder Bill Rodriguez has always been a lover of the outdoors and living in the “Sportman’s Paradise” how could he not. Whether it was fishing, deer or duck hunting, he has always been passionate for being outside.


In 2015, Bill was introduced to kayak fishing. It was a simple idea; just get in your kayak and fish. But it was so much more than that. While traveling all over the country for work, he found it a lot easier to throw a kayak on the top of his truck rather than hauling around a big boat and trailer.  It was relaxing and peaceful.  It was portable and so much cheaper than buying a big bass boat. He could go straight from work to the lake. He could get into places most boats can’t. Anyone can do it. The more he delved into it; Bill realized what a true sport it actually is.  

When Bill started participating in catch, photo and release tournaments, which have to be scored by an identifier, he knew there had to be a way to secure it, or keep it from getting wet or blown away. The more he talked to fellow anglers, the more Bill realized they were having a problem with this too. This is when he came up with tourneytag; a way to keep your identifier safe and protected.

 Over the past 3 years, not only has Bill developed the tourneytag but the multiple tourneytag for fishing different tournaments simultaneously and the floating tourneytag for that extra insurance just in case you drop it in the water. He also came up with a product to ensure the measurement board can stay afloat.


“This is a product I believe in and stand by. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the people who took a chance on my product and support small businesses like mine”

—Bill Rodriguez, Owner and Founder

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