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OKA Qualifiers and Payout Structure for the 2016 Spring Series

How to Qualify for the Oklahoma State Championship: The state Championship is one of our most coveted titles. Gary Kasper currently reins as The CHAMP, but a new championship belt is being forged. Will you earn the right to wear it?

This event will be held on October 15th

Here are the ways you can get an invite to fish in the championship:

1) Top 10 AOY finish in either circuit for the Oklahoma Kayak Anglers 2) Top 3 Finish in any Oklahoma Kayak Anglers event 3) Participated as a Board member for the Oklahoma Kayak Anglers 4) Top 10 finish in: The Beavers Bend Kayak Classic

The Oklahoma OPEN 5) Win 3 big bass jackpots/Or the 3 anglers with the most wins at the end of the season (3 slots available) HOOK 1 Oklahoma Central Ok Working Man’s

The AOY list will be the drawing pool if anglers qualify through other ways than the AOY top 10. Just a heads up that the entry fee will be a few more dollars than your typical OKA event, but the payout will be huge!

How to Qualify for the Tournament of Champions:

This is THE high stakes high reward tournament. It draws from the top events around the country and brings them into the south central us (you don't have to drive across the country). Its held on Lake Fork in November

Top 3 from the Red River Rivalry

Top 3 in the Oklahoma vs. Arkansas Border Battle

Top 5 in either circuit of the OKA Spring Series

How to Qualify for the 2017 KBF National Championship:

We are still negotiating the KBF National championship and I will update this section as soon as we have the information. I can tell you that we are shooting for top 5 in AOY points from each circuit. KBF is also hosting online tournaments wich have Oklahoma evenly matched with other states. I know that Gary Kasper has been participating in them

OKA 2016 Payout Structure explained

I've heard quite a few questions concerning our payout structure, so lets explain it here. This was also covered at the beginning of the year in our February meetings.

First of all the OKA would like to thank the men and women who came out and fished with us this year. It takes foresight and a sense of community to invest in building a club. If you fished with us you had a direct hand into building Oklahoma's kayak fishing future. This year we took a big step towards building the club a more solid and stable foundation.

I've seen alot of guys bow out, tuck tail, and run when they find out that they aren't getting the money directly back. You guys didn't do that, you fished. You came out and fished in some tough conditions, made a few new friends, shared in victory and defeat, and you fished. That is one of the things I love about kayak fishing, I've seen more "doers" while participating in these events than I have anywhere else. It is what has kept me inspired, you guys going out there and giving it your all in a day of kayak fishing and not being afraid to lend a hand.

The Payout structure is a tough subject for me to explain, so I'll just start at the beginning. This trail started more as a local club, nothing fancy was needed and what expenses we had were just paid upfront out of a few of our pockets. After a year of doing it that way, I realized that wasn't going to work. We switched to a $5/angler fee afterward and had stayed there until this year. That $5/angler went towards everything we purchase and mainly at the begging of the year (scorecards, paperwork, for AOY and some prizes, for lake permits and fees, for trophy's and plaque's, for the website....ect ect.)

This year the Board felt it necessary to introduce liability insurance. Which gives the organizers some protection should something bad happen. It comes with an initial cost of aro