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2016 OKA Arbuckle (Central Trail)

The 2nd stop for the central trail was held at Arbuckle lake on Saturday May 15th. We had 29 anglers come try to find the giants at Arbuckle. The identifier for the day was BRZY and it sums up the day very well. Just before the captains meeting I tied my yak up out on the dock and the wind was whipping solid waves across the lake and into the corner we were launching from. I pulled my boat back in because I didn't want it to roll while we were waiting.With the waives coming right in. we deemed it unsafe. So, the board made the decision to open it up as a road runner to allow the anglers to launch in more favorable conditions.

As we took off in the morning just after 6, the winds calmed down to around 20mph out of the north and were sustained there until around noon. A nice cold front rolled through the evening before. Water temp: 69-74 and mostly cloudy

Matt Penwright bested the field with 78 inches.

Here is how Matt did it!

All my fish were caught early on a black Zara Spook, buzzbait with white trailer and a chartreuse/corn sinko/Texas-rig around grass.

We had a tie for 2nd place between Houa Xiong and Jeff Her with 70.75 inches. It was Houa's beautiful smallmouth that was the tiebreaker and also won Houa the Hook1 Big Bass!

Houa: Most of my fish was caught on a 4inch swimming bait with a 1/8 jig head. The two big smallmouth came on a strike bait 5 inch swim & caffeine swimbait with a 1/4oz jig head. My first fish came on a small zoom z hog pitching buck brush.

Jeff Her was cruising in his new Jackson Kraken! After the tie breaker he took home 3rd place!

Board members at the event hard at work scoring fish!