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2016 OKA Grand (NE Trail)

Thunder and rain threatened as the first stop for the NE trail was set to fire off April 30th. Kristen and Jerrod orchestrated two quick captains meetings for this road runner, one the evening before and one the morning of! Tournament day started out drizzly after a night of heavy showers, the water rose a foot overnight and there was alot of floating debris on the surface. Water temperature was just above 65 on this post frontal tournament day.

We had 36 anglers attend and in the end Jeff Her emerged victorious! Sporting just over 83". Jeff also took home the Hook1 Bigbass honors with a 20.25" BASS. Congrats Jeff!

Here is how he did it!

I pre fished an area Monday and did fairly well. I figured I'd try a different area of the lake to see if there was a difference so I hit up Elk creek area and the water temp was at a surprising 75 degrees and the fishing was horrible. The water was pretty stained and fairly shallow couldn't find water deeper than 20 feet. On tournament day I decided to go back to my first spot hoping the rain didn't change the conditions much. With the rain and all the water temperature and clarity remained pretty much the same as Monday 65-67 degrees and water clarity of some parts was about 2-3 feet. Lures I used was the same I used when I pre fished. Which was a shallow crank in chartreuse color with a shad type pattern and 1/2 oz football head bass jig watermelon red flake in color with a matching strike King rage menace trailer. My big bass was my second fish I caught that day at around 6:30 on my crank bait in about 3ft of water. After catching my big bass I hooked up on another big fish but when I got it close to my boat it shook pretty hard and snapped my line. All in all it was a good tournament for me pre fishing helped me dial in all my fish.

Robert Pritchard battled it out and took home 2nd with 78.75"

Robert on his day of fishing

My standing was 2nd place and I used the following. Black and blue Sweet Beaver, Plum Zoom Super Fluke, Ned Rig with ZMan stick, and a square bill. Caught 31 bass and 11 measured. The plum fluke caught the most and the B&B sweet beaver second most. The modifications and locations I'll keep to myself. That was just some time consuming homework which should have been yard and house work.

Nathan Henthorn took home 3rd with 75.5"

Nathan "With all the rain it rendered most my pre fishing useless. It took me a while to get dialed in. I caught my fish on a chartreuse crankbait on points and a black and blue creature bait around docks with brush"

Braden Stone took home the OKC Kayak top youth angler his stinger included a solid 19"er

James Stone " Braeden caught both of his fish with a War Eagle spinner bait. He caught both within the first 30 minutes. He caught his big one on riprap and the other off the cliff wall close to a bridge."

Grand results

Full AOY standing will be released by the end of the week.

Thank you!!!!!! To Jerrod and Kristen for filling in to run the tournament, To our oka board member judges, To our camera man sir Brent madwall Wilson III, and to our glorious sponsors their support helps make this all possible!!!!! Please check these guys out!

Next stop:

CE Arbuckle: May 14th

NE W.R Holway: May 15th

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