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2016 OKA Sportsman (Central Trail)

It was a cool crisp morning and the Farley's began check-in early to accommodate several early arrivals. Sportsman was quickly underway as fog lifted off the water. Thankfully the forecast for high winds was off for much of the tournament and we had a good chance to catch some fish.

We had another record smashed with 48 anglers coming out in this Central trail event. As Randal Farley Jr. so eloquently put it "Fishing conditions were good for some and not so good for others." Water temps ranged from 59-63 degree’s. It was a chilly start but warmed up very nice. The BIG fish were out today!

1ST Place went to Scott Moseman with 73 in. This make back to back wins for Scott!!!

Scott will need a bigger office space to make room for all of his plaques. Scott fished the lower end of the lake down by the dam, fishing in the front half of coves catching fish on a red worm.

2ND Place went to Christopher Hargis with 69.5 in. Chris targeted the middle of the lake catching bass mainly in the backs of coves using a red worm.

3RD Place went to Danny Bowen with 65.5in. Danny caught his fish using a large red worm fished in the first half of the coves, anyone noticing a pattern here?

Top Youth angler went to Kayden Pratt with 19 in.

Top Female Angler went to Taylor Wilson with 49.25 in. She also caught a toad that went 22in.

We had a great run for Big Bass! Taylor Wilson and Blayne Housh both had 22in Fat Sally's.

It came down to a tie. In the event of a tie, the second fish is the tiebreaker. Taylor Wilson edged out Blayne by a ¼ of in with a 17.25 bass to Blaynes 17.00. Taylor's big bass came on a crawdad colored square bill as she started to troll over a spawning area. Blayne's big bass can off of white frog fished over spawning beds.



Thank you!!!!!! To Randal Farley Jr. for running the event, To our oka board member judges and Chris Hargis, To our camera man John Faulkner, To Joshua Harris for taking the time to shoot some hero shots of Tay with the big fish, and to our glorious sponsors thier support helps make this all possible!!!!! Please check these guys out!

Next stop: Grand Lake O' the Cherrokee's Details should be up within the week.

Other great events happening soon:

BBKC (the biggest kayak fishing event in Oklahoma) its this weekend

The Snoppy Pole Jackpot benefiting our you anglers:

Wednesday night Jackpots in OKC:

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