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2016 Spring Series Opener

What a way to kick off the 2016 kayak fishing season! Our fisherman set another attendance record! Our previous record was 51 anglers set at the season opener on Konawa last year. This year we had 65 kayak anglers!!!! We just wanted to take a second and say thank you to everyone for coming out and fishing with us and for the support from our sponsors! We had so many new faces! It was awesome!

Conditions were varied throught the day. After a 7:20 start time 65 anglers took off from the swimbeach,lit up like UFO's, across the lake. The morning started off with a moderate southwest wind and cloud cover with the wind switching from the south with gusts to 20. We thought it was going to rain at any time. Fishing was slow for the most part with fish being caught along the cattails and some schooling fish being caught off the bank. Due to the number of anglers we couldn't fit the complete results on here, they are up on the Oklahoma Kayak Anglers facebook page if you would like to see them.

Here are your top 10!

1. Scott Moseman78.25

2. Michael Ruben77.75

3. Brent Wilson76.25

4. Rusty Helms74.25

5. Chris Hargis73

6. Matt Penwright70.25

7. Landon Johnston69

8. Peter West59.75

9. Roy Weber59

10. James Stone57.25

Hook1 Big Bass: Ryan Polchinski 19.00"

Oklahoma Kayak Top Youth Angler: Chris Montgomery

Scott showing his son the Plaque!

Congrats on your first place finish! We will add our angler techniques and tactics as they come in. Here is how Soctt did it:

Scott " Fished in a cove with some bedding fish and fish moving up. Caught them shallow on crank, swimbait, finesse worm and senko. On soft plastics it was slow and shallow. Bite turned off after the front came through."

Brent " After fishing the banks most of the morning, I located a school of feeding fish close to where Taylor and I had found them prefishing off the bank. They came up off a mud line and began chasing silversides as the wind began to change directions. I caught them on a small red crankbait and drop shot."

Rusty " The two techniques that worked for me was a crawdad colored crankbait and a green pumpkin colored softbait.