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2015 Oklahoma Kayak Angler of the Year

It's been a record smashing Spring Season: from the 9 pounder caught at Arbuckle to the doubled attendance in 2015. The 23.75" monster caught by Taylor Wilson stands as the current largest fish caught in an OKA tournament. The Central Circuit had 53 different anglers attend an event and overall attendance of 94. The Northeast Circuit had 44 different anglers and an overall attendance of 83. Tou Yang edged out Scott Moseman by a single point in the race for the NE circuit. It earned him a spot to compete for the OKA Angler of the year. Randall Farley Jr. put up a great performance and represented the Central Circuit. It all led down to two anglers facing off last Sunday morning on Prague lake.

First cast was at 6 am. Brent followed and recorded Tou, and Randall Sr. followed and recorded Randall Jr.

Tou started the morning fishing topwater in the same area I found him the morning before during the Open. With no bites at first light, Tou moved to an offshore grass location that he and Houa had luck on the day before. It didn't take long for the blowups to start. This is where the downhill slide started for Tou and ended in an avalanche. Tou had a halfhearted blowup on a walk the dog bait and then two good blowups on the frog. None of them found the hooks, but Tou kept on fishing. A short distance down the grassline later, I heard a plop. Tou's head dropped and I heard him say that it was his phone. After a few minutes, Tou descided to fish it out and began working into the grass mat. I backed off and gave him his space. A short while later, Tou said "Brent, I'm done". His keys had come out of his pocket and sank to the bottom. He was still in the same spot so we both went for a swim to try to find his keys with our feet. No luck, Tou forfeited the match and I called the Farley's and let them know the situation. They came over to lend a hand and we headed back to the launch.

Randal Farley Jr. also fished close to the same area he did while fishing the Open. He started out throwing a topwater, but switched over to a smoke colored sinko. Fishing his usual slow and steady pace. He boated two fish, and from looking at the viedo they were fiesty. One fish almost made it out of the yak at picture time. Jr. was working on his third fish before he was notified of our situation on the other end of the lake. They paddled right over to lend a hand.

These guys aren't only our circuit leaders, but they are also some of the best sportsman I have met. They both represent great things about kayak fishing.

Tou was somehow back to his normal smiling, positive self once he was able to make arrangments to get his spare keys to him. Despite what will no doubt be one of his worst days on the water. He fought hard and at the end of the day he shook Jr's hand.

Randall Farley Jr. is a father to three and fished the whole trail with his dad. He stopped fishing as soon as he got the call to come lend Tou a hand and then made sure Tou had a way back home before he left. His three children must be the reason he is able to fish so patiently!

With 27.75 inches, Randal Farley Jr. is our 2015 Oklahoma Kayak Angler of the Year! Randal Farley Jr. won the AOY fish off and recieved the custom made AOY rod from Manley Rods and the custom made Trophy Blackpak from YakAttack. No doubt he will put them both to good use!

The Farley boys as John Richmond refers to them, congrats on a great season.

Preliminary Circuit results, shoot Brent Wilson a pm if you have any conserns. This is the best AOY race I've seen to date

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