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OKA-Sportsman Lake (Central Trail)

I hope everyone is enjoying Easter Sunday!

We had 17 anglers come out to fish Sportsman, 1 female angler, and 2 youth anglers.

Fishing conditions were pretty tough, this was the first day after the coldfront and the water was up due to last weeks rainfall. The lower end of the lake was still clear and the central boat ramp seemed to be where the mudline had stopped. Air temps were in the low 40's to start with, which made for a chilly start to the morning. Water temps ranged from 59-62 degrees at the end of the event. 9 of the 17 anglers came in with zero fish.

1st Place went to Taylor Wilson. She slugged it out with her new favorite bait, the Berkley Flickershad. She had three fish and brought home $240 for 1st place. Taylor has been out fishing me on the river since the Illinois river Jackpot in 2012, now it looks like she will be giving me a run for my money on the lakes too!

Here is her 19.25" toad!

2nd Place went to Kevin Hutchinson. Kevin had 33 inches between two fish, one of which was another 19.25! Kevin-"I caught all my bass on blue flick power worms rigged Texas style". He took home $125!

3rd Place and the Hook1 Big Bass went home to Randal Farley Jr. He had another healthy 20.25" fat fish. He took home $60 for 3rd and $120 for Big Bass along with a $50 Hook1 gift card. This makes back to back big fish performances by Randal Jr. Randal-"I caught my fish on a white fluke with a Texas Rig hook and no weight".

The Oklahoma Kayak Top Youth Angler went to Chris Montgomery. He was able to boat a 12.5" bass to bring home the $50 gift card.

The Oklahoma Kayak Top Female Angler went to Taylor Wilson

She agreed to put the $50 gift card up for a door prize since she had won the tournament.