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Oklahoma Kayak Anglers-Spring Kickoff

Wow, what a start to the OKA season! 51 anglers met at Konawa early on the morning of March 22nd, crushing our previous attendance record set on Greenleaf lake two springs ago. It is a great honor to be a part of the incoming wave of kayak fisherman in Oklahoma and our anglers are rising up to make it happen!

We forgot to mention a key component at our awards ceremony, usually Brent puts our winners on the spot while they are up in front of everyone and asks them to share what tactics worked for them that day. Here is what has been shared by our winners thus far and we will continue to add this as they respond.

1st Place-Randall Farley Jr. 75.00 Inches, 21.5” Hook1 Big Bass, and part of the winning 2-man team!

This was Randall's first time fishing in a kayak! Here is his breakdown,

Randall Jr. “My fishing was based on water temperature. I was fishing for pre-spawn fish in 5-10 feet of water. My bait of choice was a Carolina Rig with a 5 inch zoom u-tail worm.” Randall was part of the winning team and also took home the Hook 1 Big Bass with this giant!

2nd Place- Randall Farley Sr. 71.25 Inches

Randall Sr. " In early spring I like to fish small creature baits on 6 and 8 pound test. I fish them very slow. That was my gameplan."

3rd Place-Brad Rumenapp 69.00 Inches

Brad “I caught all my fish over by the dam fishing the rip-rap in 10-12 feet of water”

5th Place-Matt Penwright 65.00 Inches

Matt “ All my fish came from the littoral zone along grass beds with cattails. I focused on points and where cattails met mud banks. I was deadsticking a weightless 4” translucent pearl swim bait Texas rigged with a 1/0 work hook.”

Oklahoma Kayak Top Youth Angler-Collin Young 55.25 Inches

Collin “ I fished the weed lines off points using a 4” watermelon worm wacky rigged. I let it sink to the bottom, real in the slack, then jiggle the rod tip til the rod tip is at the high point and then repeat.”

Oklahoma Kayak Top Female Angler-Taylor Wilson 40.25 Inches

Taylor “ We prefished two weeks prior to the event and didn't have much luck, my game plan was to fish rocks off a primary point. I caught all my fish using a berkley flicker shad."

One of the great things about kayak fishing is that everyone is willing to share information. Congratulations to the winners! Our next stops are at Ft. Gibson on April 4th for the Northeast Trail and at Sportsman Lake on April 4th for the Central Trail. Please let us know you are coming by signing up, click the events tab and sign up!

Let us conclude by thanking those responsible for making this such a smooth event. Thank you to our board members who were present (Christopher Hargis, Corey Wilcott, Danny Bowen, Josh Shelton, Chad Sanders, and Brent Wilson), and our guests who assisted (Dave Lindo “Master of Burritos”, Kelly Wilcott, Adam Magdaleno, Curtis Semler, John Faulkner, and Taylor Wilson), and to our sponsors who invest their blood, sweat, and tears into our great sport {Click our sponsors tab to check them out}.

If you lost a wedding band, one was discovered on the ramp- Contact us at with the description if it is yours.

**Coming down the pipe- Brent talks paddlefish with a “Paddlefish 101” and how to get the perfect score on tournament day!

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