2019 king of the hill club champions
Thanks to nekka for putting on a great event. it's an honor for oka to bring the trophy home with us this year.

Oklahoma Kayak Anglers

2019 Angler Of The Year Standings

 Oklahoma Kayak Anglers AOY standings will start after the OKA Season Opener. The AOY standings will be posted here shortly after following each event.


  1. AOY will be an anglers best 5 events.

  2. 1st place will receive 100 pts, 2nd 99 and so on.

  3. Anglers who do not score a legal fish during an event will receive a ( - 15 ) from the last angler who scored a legal fish.

  4. Standings will be updated as anglers finish higher than their lowest scored event.

  5. The AOY Champion will receive $1000 check, AOY Champion Plaque, and a 2021 season sponsorship from Dobyns Rods.

  6. Mistakes happen and if you find an error with your score, please message Oklahoma Kayak Anglers with your correction.

Newcomer of the Year

  1. Newcomer of the year will be for anglers who have competed in 3 OKA events or less previous to the 2020 season.

  2. NOY points will be scored the same as AOY. However, an anglers best 3 events will be scored. This will include an anglers best 2 trail events and only 1 online event, or 3 trail events.

  3.  Any angler who has qualified for the OKA State Championship is not eligible for NOY.

  4. The angler who finishes 1st in the NOY standings will win a $500 Gift Card to Oklahoma Kayak and a plaque.

  5. If you are a Newcomer please notify the OKA Tournament Director after each event.



Houa Xiong


Angler Of The Year:
Houa Xiong - 2019
Houa Xiong - 2018
Mike Ring - 2017 
Houa Xiong- 2016 (NE OKA)
Matt Penwright-2016 (CE OKA)
Randal Farley Jr- 2015 
Josh Shelton-2014 
C.A. Alderson-2013 (OKCKFTT)
Scott Moseman-2013 (NEOKATS)
Brent Wilson-2012 (NEOKATS)
State Champions:
Russell Kendrick - 2019
Michael Reuben - 2018
Kong Xiong- 2017
Houa Xiong- 2016
Gary Casper- 2015
Josh Shelton- 2014 


Taylor Wilson (2015) - 23.75" Lake Of The Arbuckles

Kong Xiong (2017) - 24" Lake Konawa 

Chris Montgomery (2018) - 25" McGee Creek Reservoir
LUKE aRYAN (2020) - 24.25" SOONER LAKE
houa xiong (2020) - 24.00" 4 lake slam LAKE